12 dangers that can ruin your holiday in exotic places

What can be more exciting than the thought of spending your holiday in exotic countries, enjoying the sun, water, and incredible natural beauties?


But that’s not all. Exactly, exotic destinations look great in photos and live, but even these places have their drawbacks.

During travel in some places, you may face a number of troubles that can make your dream holiday turn into a nightmare.

12 tips that will help you to be more cautious about these dangers:

  1. Medusa, coral and some fish species

Location: Africa, Asia, Australia

Many dangerous creatures, including some species of fish, jellyfish and coral, live in the warm waters of tropical countries. The best way to protect yourself from them is to wear special in-water shoes and avoid touching them.

Also, pay attention to the warning signs, such as the red flag that means “forbidden swimming”.

  1. Strong currents that keep you in place

Location: all seas and oceans on Earth

Strong currents can be very dangerous and take you far from the shore to the open sea in just a few seconds. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, do not try to swim towards the shore and fight them, because their strength is much greater than human.

You can swim through them parallel to the shore, and when you lose the strength, you can safely return back.

  1. Mosquitoes and malaria mosquitoes

Location: Africa, South America

Types of mosquitoes that transmit deadly diseases, such as the Zika virus, live in many tropical countries. To protect yourself from the deadly danger, do not forget to wear an insect spray with you and vaccinate against malaria, yellow fever and other diseases before you travel.

  1. Marine Predators

Location: The shores of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean

Shark attacks are very common, but it’s easy to try to prevent an awkward deal with this predator. Do not swim when you have open wounds and cuts, because the smell of blood attracts them.

Although sharks do not see colors, they react to contrasts, so avoid wearing bright or colorful bathing suits. Of course, this does not guarantee 100% security

  1. Food from the street

Location: Asia, Africa

Food on the street is a frequent phenomenon in all countries in Asia. Although such food does not pose an enormous danger, it can still cause troubles – people who are not taught spicy food often have problems with the stomach.

The same goes for restaurants. Ask the chefs not to put too much spices into your dish if they do not bite your stomach.

  1. Water

Location: Asia, Africa

It is well known that in many places around the world tap water is not recommended because it is not good for drinking. But, at times, we forget that unfilled water and drinks mixed with water that serve us in restaurants and cafes are from the same tap water.

Therefore, it is best to drink only bottled water that you will buy yourself from the markets. In places where water is very polluted, use bottled even for cooking and washing.

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  1. Plants

Location: Asia, Africa, Australia

Exotic plants can be very harmful to your health. So, avoid touching unfamiliar plants during excursions through places or strolling in the wild.

  1. Sunburns

Location: Asia, Africa

Exposure to the sun is not healthy in any part of the world, but the hot tropical sun can cause many painful burns. So do not forget to put a sunscreen with a high factor every time you go out, and it’s even advisable to wear long-sleeved clothes that will protect you.

  1. Monkeys

Location: Asia

These seemingly harmless birds living in Thailand and other neighboring countries can be very aggressive and attack people bringing food with them.

So, remove the jewelry from you and hide the camera / camera when you visit places where there are monkeys. Otherwise, these curious and cunning primates will not hesitate to steal everything you have.

  1. Reptiles

Location: Asia, Africa, Australia

Poisonous snakes are common in tropical and subtropical countries. However, most of them attack exclusively in self-defense. So open your eyes and be careful where you go.

  1. Thefts

Location: Asia, Africa

Thefts are a global problem, but in Thailand, however, valuable things and money can disappear even from safes.

It is advisable to store valuable things in several different places, and you have large amounts of money to have only cards. Take care of your belongings, especially when you are on the beach or on the market.

  1. Traffic

Location: Southeast Asia, India, Egypt

In some places, only locals can understand how traffic rules in cities work. Drivers usually communicate with gestures and signals.

Therefore, you need to be very careful, especially when driving a bicycle or a motorcycle, and most of all when passing a street like a pedestrian.


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