Winsang Framed Paint by Number Oil Acrylic Numbers DIY Recommended $6 Winsang Framed Paint by Number DIY Oil Acrylic Paint by Numbers Arts, Crafts Sewing Painting, Drawing Art Supplies DIY,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Painting, Drawing Art Supplies,Acrylic,by,$6,by,Framed,Numbers,Number,,/administerial586310.html,Paint,Oil,Paint,Winsang Winsang Framed Paint by Number Oil Acrylic Numbers DIY Recommended DIY,Arts, Crafts Sewing , Painting, Drawing Art Supplies,Acrylic,by,$6,by,Framed,Numbers,Number,,/administerial586310.html,Paint,Oil,Paint,Winsang $6 Winsang Framed Paint by Number DIY Oil Acrylic Paint by Numbers Arts, Crafts Sewing Painting, Drawing Art Supplies

Winsang Framed OFFer Paint by Number Oil Acrylic Numbers DIY Recommended

Winsang Framed Paint by Number DIY Oil Acrylic Paint by Numbers


Winsang Framed Paint by Number DIY Oil Acrylic Paint by Numbers

Product description

This is Paint by Number with Framed, You can make your masterpiece so easy even you are a beginner

Presenting The Elite Paint By Numbers DIY Acrylic Painting Kit By Winsang

Now you can easily paint your own masterpiece with our all-in-one paint-by-number set, which includes:

*1 pcs pre-printed textured art canvas

 *1 set acrylic paints

*1 set brushes(include 3pcs)

 *Accessories: paper packaging + hook + number drawing + renderings

The Canvas:

*Import professional oil canvas, good density, easy to color

The Paint: 

*Healthy digital pigments, high color reproduction, bright colors

*Paint can be directly colored, no need to add water

*Paint coverage is strong, the painting process if the error, you can cover the correct color

*The paint is easy to dry, when you don't use, cover the lid, If the paint is too dry, add 1-2 drops of water to stir evenly, remember don't too much

*The paint box corresponds to the number on the canvas, and the unmarked pigments correspond to the shaded parts of the canvas

The Brushes: 

*Easy to clean, good water absorption

*Wash the brush cleanly when you change to another color or stop paint

*For the large part, you can use the larger brush to paint, and for the small part, you can use the smaller brush to paint

For more choice of Framed or Frameless Paint by Numbers, Welcome to Winsang Store

Winsang Framed Paint by Number DIY Oil Acrylic Paint by Numbers

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