RYANSTAR Special sale item Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow wastegate Off BOV Valve 25mm $18 RYANSTAR Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow Off wastegate Valve BOV 25mm Automotive Replacement Parts RYANSTAR Special sale item Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow wastegate Off BOV Valve 25mm Automotive , Replacement Parts,Turbo,wastegate,femalle.net,RYANSTAR,BOV,25mm,Blow,Valve,Dump,Adjustable,Off,/administerial728410.html,$18 $18 RYANSTAR Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow Off wastegate Valve BOV 25mm Automotive Replacement Parts Automotive , Replacement Parts,Turbo,wastegate,femalle.net,RYANSTAR,BOV,25mm,Blow,Valve,Dump,Adjustable,Off,/administerial728410.html,$18

RYANSTAR Special sale item Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow wastegate Off BOV Outlet SALE Valve 25mm

RYANSTAR Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow Off wastegate Valve BOV 25mm


RYANSTAR Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow Off wastegate Valve BOV 25mm


Product Description

Features: 【Adjustable Valve】 —— The blow off valve can be easily adjusted by twisting the top part up or down so the pressure will come out earlier or later. 【Release Pressure】—— The blow off valve can be easily adjusted by twisting the top part up or down so the pressure will come out earlier or later. 【2 Types of Installation】 —— The valve can dumps directly into the atmosphere to creates sound Or install with a pipe for recirculating so the total gas volume of the air flow sensor will not be changed.

Material: Aluminum Alloy Color: Black External Diameter:25mm ports

Fitment: Fit for wide range of Turbo vehicles with a 25mm connection including Ford, Volkswagen, Vauxhall, Skoda, Audi Golf, Polo, Passat, Seat Leon, Ibiza, Cupra Turbo and so on)

Package included: 1 x Blow Off Valve 2 x Flanges 2 x Vacuum Nipples 2x Short Vacuum Pipes

Note: No installation and highly recommended.

RYANSTAR Adjustable Turbo Dump Blow Off wastegate Valve BOV 25mm

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