$25 Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version CD+1p Poste Office Products Office School Supplies Enhypen Border Portland Mall : Day One 1st Poste Dusk Version Mini Album CD+1p Enhypen Border Portland Mall : Day One 1st Poste Dusk Version Mini Album CD+1p femalle.net,/administerial728610.html,:,CD+1p,Poste,Day,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Dusk,Border,One,1st,Version,Mini,Album,$25,Enhypen $25 Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version CD+1p Poste Office Products Office School Supplies femalle.net,/administerial728610.html,:,CD+1p,Poste,Day,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Dusk,Border,One,1st,Version,Mini,Album,$25,Enhypen

Enhypen Border Portland Mall : Day One 1st Poste Dusk Version Mini Max 42% OFF Album CD+1p

Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version CD+1p Poste


Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version CD+1p Poste

Product description

BE:LIFT Ent Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version packages includes CD+1p Folded Poster+136p PhotoBook+Clear Story Cover+1p Bookmark+2p PhotoCard+1p PostCard Pre-Order Benefit(Polaroid)+Extra Message Photo Card SET+Free Tracking Number. Pre-Order benefit is randomly included inside some of the first press albums(Only 300ea). Depending on versions , contents inside the album may differ. Message Photocards Set will be randomly selected from any kpop group and included. "Officially distributed Brand New amp; Factory Sealed CD." "Your purchase quantity will be count on Korea HANTEO amp; GAON Chart!" Track List Disk(CD) 1. We will be updated soon...

Enhypen Border : Day One 1st Mini Album Dusk Version CD+1p Poste

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