CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case Hard Storage Bag EVA Albuquerque Mall with Strap CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case Hard Storage Bag EVA Albuquerque Mall with Strap Storage,,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Case,,CALIDAKA,with,EVA,Strap,a,Kalimb,Bag,$4,a,/cirrated728416.html,Kalimb,Hard Storage,,Musical Instruments , Keyboards MIDI,Case,,CALIDAKA,with,EVA,Strap,a,Kalimb,Bag,$4,a,/cirrated728416.html,Kalimb,Hard $4 CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case, Hard EVA Kalimb a Storage Bag with Strap Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI $4 CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case, Hard EVA Kalimb a Storage Bag with Strap Musical Instruments Keyboards MIDI

CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case Hard Storage Bag EVA Sacramento Mall Albuquerque Mall with Strap

CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case, Hard EVA Kalimb a Storage Bag with Strap


CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case, Hard EVA Kalimb a Storage Bag with Strap

Product description

Size:type a

1. PORTABLE DESIGN: This case is designed for 10/17/21 Key Kalimb-a. Light weight.
2. WATERPROOF, SHOCKPROOF: Can protect Kalimb-a from various hazards.
3. Zipper Closure: Zippered closure design, which can let you open and close easily.
4. With Lanyard: With hand strip, compact structure, durable and easy to carry.
5. Material: EVA hard shell design, water-resistan-t, anti wear and not easy to deform.

Color: Black
Material: EVA
Item Size: About 21x15x6.5 cm/8.26x5.9x2.6 inch(L*W*H)
Compatible Brand: For Muspor
Compatible Model: For 10 Keys, For 17 Keys,For 21Keys
Types: A, B
A:Kalimb-a Case Only
B: Kalimb-a Case, 4 pcs Finger Glov-es, Cleaning Cloth

Package included:
1 xKalimba Case
1 xKalimb-a Case
4 x Finger Glov-es
1 x Cleaning Cloth

1. Due to the light and screen difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
2. Please allow 0.5-2cm differences due to manual measurement.

CALIDAKA Kalimb a Case, Hard EVA Kalimb a Storage Bag with Strap


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