$29 Saxophone Decor Set of 4 Unframed Saxophone Art Prints Saxophone Home Kitchen Wall Art $29 Saxophone Decor Set of 4 Unframed Saxophone Art Prints Saxophone Home Kitchen Wall Art Saxophone,Saxophone,Decor,femalle.net,Art,$29,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,/collaudation586305.html,Set,Unframed,Saxophone,of,4,Prints Saxophone Phoenix Mall Decor Set of Prints Unframed 4 Art Saxophone,Saxophone,Decor,femalle.net,Art,$29,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,/collaudation586305.html,Set,Unframed,Saxophone,of,4,Prints Saxophone Phoenix Mall Decor Set of Prints Unframed 4 Art

Saxophone Phoenix Mall Animer and price revision Decor Set of Prints Unframed 4 Art

Saxophone Decor Set of 4 Unframed Saxophone Art Prints Saxophone


Saxophone Decor Set of 4 Unframed Saxophone Art Prints Saxophone

Product description

This listing is for a set of 4 unframed art prints of Saxophone invention patent drawings with chalkboard background image. Made in the USA by Gnosis Picture Archive. When framed and displayed together, this set of patent prints will make a unique wall decor to inspire a budding saxophone musician or someone who likes Jazz music.

Prints included are as follows:
print #1 Neck key for saxophones 1958
print #2 Saxophone invented by Leon Leblanc in 1964
print #3 Saxophone invented by Vito Pascucci in 1972
print #4 Saxophone invented by Vito Pascucci in 1972

Print size: 8x10" image size, printed on 8.5x11" size paper. (recommended frame size to use: 11x14" frames with 8x10" mats). Printed on Premium acid-free archival quality medium weight (57 lbs) photographic paper. Prints only, Frames NOT included. (The listing picture showing the prints in frames hanging on the wall is to give an idea of what the prints would look like framed and displayed in a room.)

When inventors invent products or unique ways to solve problems, they file patent documents, including illustrations of the inventions, with the Patent Office. There are many ingenious and useful inventions throughout history that have significantly influenced our civilization! Patent art prints have great historical significance, are very educational and are unique as wall decor for your room.

Saxophone Decor Set of 4 Unframed Saxophone Art Prints Saxophone

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