$27 ifloortape White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Foil Outdoor Bas Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Foil,ifloortape,Permanent,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Yellow,White,Bas,Outdoor,or,Reflective,$27,femalle.net,/covid-19-vaccine/ Foil,ifloortape,Permanent,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Yellow,White,Bas,Outdoor,or,Reflective,$27,femalle.net,/covid-19-vaccine/ ifloortape Classic White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Outdoor Foil Bas $27 ifloortape White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Foil Outdoor Bas Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ifloortape Classic White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Outdoor Foil Bas

ifloortape Fresno Mall Classic White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Outdoor Foil Bas

ifloortape White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Foil Outdoor Bas


ifloortape White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Foil Outdoor Bas

Product description

Highly Visible, Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil Base Retro-Reflective Marking Tape

This tape is ideal for marking basketball, pickleball, and tennis courts, as well as, a variety of other applications. Often used in industrial or commercial applications to designate specific areas for safety and zoning. It can be used as a reflector on items that require additional visibility at night. This product is used by the City of Portland, Oregon to designate parking locations.

This tape is an excellent alternative to paint. No dry time, fumes, or paint cleanup.

Highlight and designate hazards, such as, uneven sidewalks or stair nosing on diamond plate, asphalt, concrete, pavement, and most other clean and dry temperate surfaces.

A superior adhesive ensures this tape maintains a secure bond when properly installed to asphalt, pavement, concrete, and most other clean and dry temperate surfaces.

Heavy Duty material promotes long lasting results.

Conformable thick foil base and highly reflective glass bead surface reflects headlights or similar illumination.

Designed with glass beads to provide traction, high visibility, and even nighttime visibility.

Choose this highly reflective permanent pavement marking tape for its excellent durability. It will resist fading, chipping, and peeling much better than painted lines.

Foil tape may be damaged by a stopped vehicle turning tires directly on its surface.

MADE IN THE USA and distributed by ifloortape, a family owned, and operated company located in Keizer, Oregon.

We also manufacture many products in custom shapes, sizes, and colors which are available in a variety of different material types with both durable or removable options. If you are unsure which product is best suited for your projects, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to offer additional assistance and information or provide you with a sample.

ifloortape White or Yellow Permanent Reflective Foil Outdoor Bas



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