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Super sale Naot Women's Coast Jane Flat favorite Mary

Naot Women's Coast Mary Jane Flat


Naot Women's Coast Mary Jane Flat

Product description

Add some fun to your casual collection with the Naot Coast. This women's maryjane style is set in leather and features contrasting stitching and a velcro strap for an adjustable fit. A suede lined cork and latex footbed absorbs moisture keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long while molding to your foot with each wear. To further customize this shoe the footbed can be removed and replaced with your own custom orthotics. Superior arch support evenly distributes the pressure on your feet avoiding stress on your back and joints while a deep heel indentation helps your body balance. This shoe is part of the of Naot's Shell Collection which accommodates a medium to wide width. Add some feminine flair to your day with the Naot Coast.

Naot Women's Coast Mary Jane Flat

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