Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,hunting,MASALONG,knife,camping,Outdoor,ultra-hard,VG10,,$46,straight,/craft728189.html MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping VG10 knife straight Japan Maker New ultra-hard Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,hunting,MASALONG,knife,camping,Outdoor,ultra-hard,VG10,,$46,straight,/craft728189.html MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping VG10 knife straight Japan Maker New ultra-hard $46 MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping straight knife ultra-hard VG10 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $46 MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping straight knife ultra-hard VG10 Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

OFFicial store MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping VG10 knife straight Japan Maker New ultra-hard

MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping straight knife ultra-hard VG10


MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping straight knife ultra-hard VG10

Product description

Full length: 23.6cm
Handle length: 12cm
Blade length: 10.4cm
Mouth thickness: 4.8cm
The widest point of the blade: 0.3cm
Surface: fine sanding effect, CNC flat grinding, super three-dimensional effect, simple and generous edge line!
Sharpening method: secondary sharpening,
Blade material: VG10 steel (truthly marking steel mark, one penalty ten for false)
Heat treatment method: vacuum oil quenching heat treatment

Hardness: 60-61HRC

Handle material: particle rosewood + handmade knife pure copper mosaic rivets
Knife cover: high-quality carved vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy,
high-end atmosphere and high-grade!

Net weight of knife: 233g

Gross weight: 417g (including packaging, leather case and leather rope)
Packing: handmade box packing

shipping package:1*knife+sheath

MASALONG Outdoor hunting camping straight knife ultra-hard VG10

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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