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Soldering Sun Visor Hats for Women Elegant Straw Summer Beach Adjusta New popularity Cap

Sun Visor Hats for Women, Elegant Straw Summer Beach Cap Adjusta


Sun Visor Hats for Women, Elegant Straw Summer Beach Cap Adjusta

Product description


Product: Women Sun Visor Hats

Material: Paper Straw

Net Weight: About 110g

Color: Beige/Gray/Khaki/Navy/Pink

Dimension: Hat Circumference 21.6''- 23.6'', Brim Width: 4.7''

1. A must have for summer traveller

2. It is foldable/rollable, easy to travel with

3. Great for hot days when you want your hair up

4. The notch does allow room for a low ponytail/messy braid

5. Great coverage and your can wear your hair up in a top knot

6. A necessity if you are outdoor in the heat most of the summer

7. It is very versatile and can be worn with all your summer outfits

8. A detachable chin strap in case of a windy day to secure the hat

9. Perfect for keeping the sun off your face when walking outdoors

10. You can lay down without worrying about crushing the back of it

11. Blocked the sun the whole day and fit around your goddess braids

12. You can get a lot of compliments from fellows on your beautiful hats

13. Super convenient velcro makes it really easy to put on (no mirror required)

14. It's perfect for traveling or taking it to the beach without getting it damaged

15. Light weight, simple amp; stylish, easy to roll up for storage, comes with a lanyard

16. Comfortable size depending on my hair style is adjustable with velcro in the back

17. A good investment if you don't want to accrue any more sun damage as you get older

18. It has the perfect size brim to be fashionable and protective but not so large as to be deformed

Sun Visor Hats for Women, Elegant Straw Summer Beach Cap Adjusta

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

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