32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Pan Drain Max 73% OFF St Washer Stainless Machine $0 32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Washer Machine Drain Pan, Stainless St Appliances Parts Accessories 32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Pan Drain Max 73% OFF St Washer Stainless Machine Drain,Duty,femalle.net,Machine,St,Pan,,x,Heavy,Appliances , Parts Accessories,32",Stainless,$0,2.5",/daisied1192051.html,30",Washer Drain,Duty,femalle.net,Machine,St,Pan,,x,Heavy,Appliances , Parts Accessories,32",Stainless,$0,2.5",/daisied1192051.html,30",Washer $0 32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Washer Machine Drain Pan, Stainless St Appliances Parts Accessories


32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Washer Machine Drain Pan, Stainless St


32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Washer Machine Drain Pan, Stainless St


Product Description


It's time to get the laundry done and you load up your dirty clothes into your washing machine. As time passes, you notice puddles of water starting to accumulate under your washer, forcing you to place piles of rags underneath to keep your floors dry. If you want to do laundry without having to mop wet floors, using a drain pan is the perfect solution.

The Washer Machine Drain Pan by DR Quality Parts keeps your laundry room floor clean and dry.


Ordinary plastic drain pans tend to become brittle after years of use. Bearing the heavy weight of your washers, plastic drain pans can also crack over time – causing water to leak out and mess up your floors.

This drain pan is made of thick 304 stainless steel that will not rust, corrode, stain, or harbor unwanted odors – promising many years of reliability and durability.


If you have kids and pets running around your home, you want to keep your living space free from all sorts of safety hazards to prevent accidents and injuries. Some metal drain pans have sharp edges that can harm and scratch small children and pets. Our metal drain pan features blunt, hemmed edges that ensure safe use and provide added rigidity to the whole structure.


Measuring 32” x 30” x 2.5”, this drain pan can easily accommodate all brands of washing machines and dryers, as long as their base does not exceed 31.75" x 29.75” in measurement.

Pan comes with a pre-punched 1.25” drain hole for a standard PVC drain fitting (included) on the 30-inch side. Larger hole than other pans for easy water flow and to prevent backlogs.

Please note that this drain pan won’t bend or conform if used on machines that do not match the dimensions, so measure your washer carefully before making a purchase. It is also not recommended for washers with pedestals, as the drawer will hit the pan.



A buildup of water on your floor can create unsightly water spots and give off a foul smell over time. If left unchecked, accumulated water can also rot your precious wooden floors and loosen up your floor tiles.

This stainless steel drain pan is all about keeping you flooring dry and immaculate, so your home stays clean and mess-free. It also reduces the risk of slipping due to puddles.


To clean the drain pan, just wipe it off with a sponge or a dry cloth to absorb any liquid residue. To prevent water from building up and filling up the drain pan, you may cut a hole on the side and install a drain tube where accumulated water can easily flow out. You may also attach rubber grips underneath the drain pad to prevent your washing machine or dryer from sliding out of place, especially during the wash or spin cycles.


Compared to other metal drain pans that have a dull and faded look, our metal drain pan has a glossy and polished finish, scoring style points for your kitchen or laundry area. This drain pan makes an excellent Christmas, Thanksgiving, or birthday present for homeowners who are looking to protect their floors from water leaking out of their washing machine or spin dryer.

32" x 30" 2.5" Heavy Duty Washer Machine Drain Pan, Stainless St

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