Miami Mall Globe-Weis Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Cut 1 Bott Folders 5 Miami Mall Globe-Weis Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Cut 1 Bott Folders 5,for,Cut,$18,Globe-Weis/Pendaflex,/deeplier1191708.html,Bott,1/5,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Fastener,Folders,,Dividers $18 Globe-Weis/Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Folders, 1/5 Cut Bott Office Products Office School Supplies,for,Cut,$18,Globe-Weis/Pendaflex,/deeplier1191708.html,Bott,1/5,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Fastener,Folders,,Dividers $18 Globe-Weis/Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Folders, 1/5 Cut Bott Office Products Office School Supplies

Miami Mall Globe-Weis Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Cut 1 Bott Folders 5 Mail order

Globe-Weis/Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Folders, 1/5 Cut Bott


Globe-Weis/Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Folders, 1/5 Cut Bott

Product description

Product Description

Increase your filing options by adding a Globe-Weis Divider to your filing system. These side-punched file dividers allow for multiple filing sections in standard fastener folders and work with standard 1-inch or 2-inch fasteners. There is no need to disturb paperwork in current files when you add or remove a Globe-Weis Divider to existing folders. Each divider has a 2-inch fastener on the front and 1/5-cut assorted position tabs on the bottom. These high quality letter-sized dividers are made from sturdy Manila stock and contain 10 percent post-consumer content, providing storage that's built to last. Globe-Weis Dividers are available in a box of 50 Manila folders to suit your personal filing needs. Globe-Weis products make organizing easier, filing faster, and information more accessible. Globe-Weis provides a wide range of solutions to help you manage papers and documents of all kinds at the office, home and school.

From the Manufacturer

File folder dividers with fasteners let you create multiple filing sections in standard fastener folders. 11 point dividers can be easily added or removed without disturbing the paperwork. The 2" fastener is on the front of the divider. Folder dividers work with 1" or 2" fastener folders (sold separately). Sturdy construction includes a punched hinge at the top that fits over the fastener on the divider beneath it. Dividers also feature 1/5-cut tabs in assorted positions and are scored for 1/2" expansion for letter-size documents to fit inside.

Globe-Weis/Pendaflex Dividers for Fastener Folders, 1/5 Cut Bott

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