/disciplines/economics_business,Duty,Heavy,Sweeper,Swiffer,femalle.net,Professional,,10-inch,Refills,Mop,$31,by,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies $31 Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop Refills by Swiffer Professional, 10-inch Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies /disciplines/economics_business,Duty,Heavy,Sweeper,Swiffer,femalle.net,Professional,,10-inch,Refills,Mop,$31,by,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies $31 Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop Refills by Swiffer Professional, 10-inch Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies Heavy Duty Sweeper 35% OFF Mop Refills Professional Swiffer 10-inch by Heavy Duty Sweeper 35% OFF Mop Refills Professional Swiffer 10-inch by

Heavy Duty Sweeper 35% OFF Mop Refills Professional Latest item Swiffer 10-inch by

Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop Refills by Swiffer Professional, 10-inch


Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop Refills by Swiffer Professional, 10-inch

Product description

Style:10-inch Cloth Refills (PRO), 32 Count - CASE OF 6

Swiffer dry cloths are designed for use with Procter and Gamble Swiffer Sweeper. Offers a dust-free clean. Safe for wood, ceramic, vinyl tile, electronics and other hard surfaces. Use on unfinished, oiled, or waxed wooden boards, non sealed tiles or carpeted floors. Swiffer dry cloths leave no residue.

From the manufacturer

Heavy Duty Sweeper Mop Refills by Swiffer Professional, 10-inch

Photo © Nox Photography/Stocksy

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