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Joukavor Women's Casual Short Sleeve Bodycon Shirt Dress T W Max 78% OFF Courier shipping free shipping Tie

Joukavor Women's Casual Short Sleeve Bodycon T Shirt Dress Tie W


Joukavor Women's Casual Short Sleeve Bodycon T Shirt Dress Tie W


Product Description

Joukavor Womens Fashion Short Sleeve Crewneck Tie Waist Bodycon T Shirt Dress

Tie waist t shirt dress

Are you ready for summer time?

  • - Soft and lightweight fabric keeps you comfortable in the hot summer.

  • - Elastic and stretchy material makes this mini t-shirt dress suitable for most lady’s body shape.

  • - Bodycon style can outline your beautiful body curves, and add some femininity.

  • - Tie waist / wrap front design makes you look slimmer and prolonged the legs length.

  • - Solid color simple design, is never out of style. An essential for every fashion women or girl !
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Women's Spaghetti Strap Ruffle Cami Crop Top Peplum Camisole Women's Shoulder Hollow Tank Tops Sleeveless Halter Blouses Women's Casual Short Sleeve T Shirt Summer Lace Blouse Tops Women's Chiffon Maxi Long Skirt Casual Flowy Pleated Skirts Women's Floor Length Tulle Overskirt Wedding Party Tutu Skirt Women's Flapper Dress Gatsby Charleston Dress with Headband
Brand Joukavor Joukavor Joukavor Joukavor Joukavor Joukavor
Type Cami crop top Tank T-shirt Skirt Detachable tutu skirt Tank dress
Sleeve Camisole Sleeveless Short sleeve - - Tank
Neck V-Neck Halter V-Neck - - Scoop Neck
Length Crop top Regular Regular Maxi long Floor length Above knee
Style Sexy Fitted Relaxed Casual Stylish Roaring
All-matching Fit

Joukavor Women's Casual Short Sleeve Bodycon T Shirt Dress Tie W

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