$50 Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- Farmhouse White B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Geneva,Gallery,White,Serveware,/elevatedness585778.html,$50,femalle.net,B,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Farmhouse,Collection-,Tabletops $50 Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- Farmhouse White B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- White Mesa Mall Farmhouse B Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- White Mesa Mall Farmhouse B Geneva,Gallery,White,Serveware,/elevatedness585778.html,$50,femalle.net,B,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Farmhouse,Collection-,Tabletops

Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- White Quantity limited Mesa Mall Farmhouse B

Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- Farmhouse White B


Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- Farmhouse White B

Product description


Bring farmhouse to the table with Tabletops Gallery Geneva Collection with classic stoneware in natural freckled white with a burnt espresso finish on the rim. With a variety of shapes and uses, this collection has something for everyone.

Tabletops Gallery Geneva Serveware Collection- Farmhouse White B

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