KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook 13" Retina Air Sales results No. 1 202 KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook 13" Retina Air Sales results No. 1 202 /epiclastic1192642.html,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,with,Air,Laptop,13",Case,New,KECC,Compatible,(202,Retina,$14,MacBook $14 KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook Air 13" Retina (202 Electronics Computers Accessories /epiclastic1192642.html,,Electronics , Computers Accessories,with,Air,Laptop,13",Case,New,KECC,Compatible,(202,Retina,$14,MacBook $14 KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook Air 13" Retina (202 Electronics Computers Accessories

KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook 13

KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook Air 13" Retina (202


KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook Air 13" Retina (202


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For those who are unfamiliar, there are different variants of MacBook notebook over the years. There are 3 versions of MacBook Pro 13 cases and 2 versions of MacBook Pro 15 cases which we are selling on Amazon. Therefore it is extremely important that you have selected the correct size (model number) so that you will receive the correct case for your MacBook.

How to check your MacBook model number: The model number is located on the back of your MacBook, in small prints which says "Model: A1XXX" . "XXX" are numerical numbers.

Model Numbers:

MacBook Air 13'' Retina (2020 / 2019 / 2018 version, with Touch ID) : A2337 M1/A2179 / A1932

MacBook Pro 13" (2020 / 2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 version) : A2338 M1,A2289, A2251, A2159, A1989, A1706 (with Touch Bar) / A1708 (without Touch Bar)

MacBook Pro 16" (2020 / 2019 version) : A2141

Old MacBook Air 13" (no Touch ID) : A1466 / A1369

Old MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display (2012 - 2015 version) : A1502 / A1425

Old MacBook Pro 13" with CD Drive (2009 - 2012 version) : A1278

MacBook Pro 15" (2019 / 2018 / 2017 / 2016 version) : A1990 / A1707

Old MacBook Pro 15" with Retina Display (2012-2015 version) : A1398

MacBook 12" : A1534

MacBook Air 11" : A1465 / A1370

KECC Laptop Case Compatible with New MacBook Air 13" Retina (202

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