Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,for,Placemats,/exopoditic585183.html,Place,is,YIGEYIGE,Mats,femalle.net,4,The,$10,Set,Round,of,Suitable $10 YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4,The Place Mats is Suitable for Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $10 YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4,The Place Mats is Suitable for Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,for,Placemats,/exopoditic585183.html,Place,is,YIGEYIGE,Mats,femalle.net,4,The,$10,Set,Round,of,Suitable YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4 Mats San Francisco Mall is for Suitable Place The YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4 Mats San Francisco Mall is for Suitable Place The

YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4 Mats San Francisco Mall Deluxe is for Suitable Place The

YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4,The Place Mats is Suitable for


YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4,The Place Mats is Suitable for

Product description


Package Quantity:round Placemat 14.2 inches in diameter,placemats set of 4.

PRODUCT FEATURE: A good-looking placemat can improve the style of your dining table. This heat-insulated placemat is simple and natural, with stylish stripes, which can match a variety of home styles, giving you a warm home feeling.

USAGE RANGE:Match all kinds of styles of furniture,they can be placed under cups,tablewares,vases and ashtrays as decorations to your dining tables and tea tables. Home,hotel and business offices,conference tables,kitchen tables.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS:1.Cleaned with water and dry under the shade.
2.No machinewash or disinfected with microwaves.
3.Easy clean with wet cloth,or rinse with little cleaner would make them look as new

NOTICE:Due to the high temperature will melt the polypropylene,please do not place high-temperature food or tableware on the placemat to avoid damaging your table.These placemats polypropylene and cotton material , so they are NOT water tight and NOT totally spill proof mat.

YIGEYIGE Round Placemats Set of 4,The Place Mats is Suitable for


Oct 12, 2019

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BMR Suspension MM004R Camaro Motor Mount Kit Polyurethane (10-15

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