NEW Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging,Lyssé,/exopoditic657283.html,Plus-Size,Legging,$57,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Denim,Women's,Lyssé,/exopoditic657283.html,Plus-Size,Legging,$57,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Denim,Women's NEW Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging $57 Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $57 Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

NEW Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Free shipping on posting reviews Legging

Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging


Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging

Product description

The denim tight ankle features our signature hi-waist that adds the right amount of control and the perfect fit.

From the manufacturer



Lyssé fabrics are often custom created exclusively for us. Our designers craft breathable, machine washable fabrics into comfortable and timeless garments meant to last for years. They wear effortlessly, resist wrinkling, wash easily and showcase comfy, 4-way stretch.

Lyssé’s stretchy knit denim delivers undeniable, body-hugging comfort. It showcases four-way stretch, breathability and any-adventure resiliency.





Style Name Denim Legging Boyfriend Denim Denim Trouser Toothpick Denim Denim Straight Leg
Lysse Fit Waistband Concealed signature waistband Concealed signature waistband Concealed signature waistband Concealed signature waistband Concealed signature waistband
Inseam 28" Inseam 26” Inseam Cuffed, 30” Inseam Uncuffed 33” Inseam 27.5” Inseam 31” inseam
Description These waist-to-ankle leggings bring all-day resiliency as they sculpt and slim. A relaxed take on the skinny jean, our Boyfriend Denim is the perfect addition to your denim wardrobe. Loose through the leg for an easy fit, wear them cuffed for a cool, laid-back look or with heels for an elevated take on denim. Full-length trouser, fitted through the thigh with flare starting above the knee. Flattering back seam details run the full length of leg. Features our unique hidden hi-waist and soft stretch lining for control and hourglass shaping. The Toothpick Denim, in an array of prints and pigments, are foundational closet must-haves. Form-fitting and a pleasure to wear, with strategically placed back pockets add to their relaxed vibe. Complete with strategically placed back pockets and hidden slimming waist band, the Denim Straight Leg delivers all-day wear without sagging. Flaunt them in Black with a boat-neck tee, cropped jean jacket and heeled booties!
Fabric Content Cotton, Spandex Cotton, Spandex Cotton, Spandex Cotton, Spandex Cotton, Spandex

Lyssé Women's Plus-Size Denim Legging

Oct 12, 2019

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