jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Quilted Casual Sh Fashionable Perforated $22 jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Perforated/Quilted Casual Sh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Quilted Casual Sh Fashionable Perforated $22,On,Women’s,Slip,Sh,Perforated/Quilted,/exopoditic658383.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,jenn-ardor,Sneakers,,Casual $22,On,Women’s,Slip,Sh,Perforated/Quilted,/exopoditic658383.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,jenn-ardor,Sneakers,,Casual $22 jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Perforated/Quilted Casual Sh Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers online shopping Quilted Casual Sh Fashionable Perforated

jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Perforated/Quilted Casual Sh


jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Perforated/Quilted Casual Sh

Product description

Good Quality: Canvas sneakers are made with superior canvas material
Fine and Durable: contrasting stitching on upper
Out Sole: Anti-slip thick rubber sole
Cushioned: Padded insole keep comfortable for long time walking
Breathable: Lightweight and soft for all day wear
Occasions: Go well with jeans ,shorts ,skirts ,athletic wear etc. Perfect for gym, sports and casual wear, durable use for summer,autumn,spring and winter.
Best gifts: A wonderful ideal gift especially for back school gift,celebration gift, better for Valentine’s Day,Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Graduation, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day’s gift etc.
Canvas sneakers are half size bigger than normal size,pls choose half size down
US 6 = EU 36, Fit foot length 23cm
US 6.5 = EU 37, Fit foot length 23.67cm
US 7 = EU 38, Fit foot length 24.33cm
US 8 = EU 39, Fit foot length 25cm
US 8.5= EU 40, Fit foot length 25.67cm
US 9 = EU 41, Fit foot length 26.34cm
US 10 = EU 42, Fit foot length 27cm

From the manufacturer


jenn-ardor Women’s Slip On Sneakers Perforated/Quilted Casual Sh

Oct 12, 2019

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