$56 3M Hook/Loop Fastener SJ3571/SJ3572, Black, 1 in x 12 in, mated Industrial Scientific Adhesives, Sealants Lubricants $56 3M Hook/Loop Fastener SJ3571/SJ3572, Black, 1 in x 12 in, mated Industrial Scientific Adhesives, Sealants Lubricants 3M Hook Loop Sale special price Fastener SJ3571 SJ3572 mated x 1 Black in 12 3M Hook Loop Sale special price Fastener SJ3571 SJ3572 mated x 1 Black in 12 /gablatores585970.html,$56,12,Industrial Scientific , Adhesives, Sealants Lubricants,SJ3571/SJ3572,,Fastener,Hook/Loop,in,,3M,1,mated,femalle.net,in,Black,,x /gablatores585970.html,$56,12,Industrial Scientific , Adhesives, Sealants Lubricants,SJ3571/SJ3572,,Fastener,Hook/Loop,in,,3M,1,mated,femalle.net,in,Black,,x

3M Hook Loop Sale special price Fastener SJ3571 SJ3572 mated x Ranking TOP2 1 Black in 12

3M Hook/Loop Fastener SJ3571/SJ3572, Black, 1 in x 12 in, mated


3M Hook/Loop Fastener SJ3571/SJ3572, Black, 1 in x 12 in, mated

Product description

3M Fastener PN06480 is a premium performance adhesive system. Comprised of two non-woven nylon strips, one of hook material and one of loop material. Used for various applications in the automotive market.

3M Hook/Loop Fastener SJ3571/SJ3572, Black, 1 in x 12 in, mated

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Annual Report

VWT has just published its Annual Report for 2020

New report

New long-term strategic recovery plan for pine martens in Britain produced


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Greater horseshoe bats in HD thermal infrared

Vincent Wildlife Trust is extremely grateful to Dr Ian Baker, of Leonardo UK Ltd, for his generosity in sharing his video of footage filmed for the BBC programme Inside the Bat Cave. This was filmed using thermal imaging cameras over a few weeks in the summer of 2019 and gives a unique view of greater horseshoe bats at one of VWT’s largest maternity roosts in Dorset. The video also includes footage filmed by Dr Liat Wicks. Fajas Reductoras y Moldeadoras Colombianas Levanta Cola Tummy Co was first shown on BBC2 in October 2020 and is available on iPlayer until September 2021.   You can also help the recovery of this species continue across the country through our Black Metal Tree Bird Design Tabletop Napkin Holder/Freestandi.
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