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Women Lips T Shirt Funny Shirts Sequined High material Vintage Star Mail order Red Tongue

Women Lips T Shirt Funny Shirts Vintage Red Tongue Sequined Star


Women Lips T Shirt Funny Shirts Vintage Red Tongue Sequined Star

Product description

"Women USA Lips T Shirt Funny Patriotic Shirts Vintage Red Tongue Stars Graphic Tees Casual Tops

Size Chart: (1Inch=2.54cm)

Size S-----Length 66cm/26.0""-----Bust 96cm/37.8""-----Sleeve 16cm/6.3""
Size M------Length 68cm/26.4""-----Bust 100cm/39.4""-----Sleeve 17cm/6.7""
Size L---------Length 71cm/27.9""-----Bust 104cm/40.9""-----Sleeve 18cm/7.1""
Size XL---------Length 73cm/28.7""-----Bust 110cm/43.3""-----Sleeve 19cm/7.5""
Please allow 1-2cm differs due to manual measurement,thanks!

We endeavors 100% customer satisfaction service and experience.
If you receive damaged or wrong items,please contact us with attached pictures about the problem,
we will provide you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours. If you are satisfied with our product or service,hope you can leave your positive feedback!

FBA: Ship from Amazon warehouse, takes 1-3 Business Days.
FBM: Ship from China, 85.3% customers will receive within 2 weeks. 9.9% lucky dog will receive within 1 week, and others will receive within 3-4 weeks.

Package Including:
1x Women USA Lips T Shirt Funny Patriotic Shirts Vintage Red Tongue Stars Graphic Tees Casual Tops "

Women Lips T Shirt Funny Shirts Vintage Red Tongue Sequined Star

Latest news

New vacancy

VWT is advertising for a Bat Programme Manager

Good News!

Through the Sussex Bat Appeal, we have raised the deposit to take the Stables off the open market!
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Annual Report

VWT has just published its Annual Report for 2020

New report

New long-term strategic recovery plan for pine martens in Britain produced


Find out more about our work by reading short blogs written by staff, students and volunteers.

Greater horseshoe bats in HD thermal infrared

Vincent Wildlife Trust is extremely grateful to Dr Ian Baker, of Leonardo UK Ltd, for his generosity in sharing his video of footage filmed for the BBC programme Inside the Bat Cave. This was filmed using thermal imaging cameras over a few weeks in the summer of 2019 and gives a unique view of greater horseshoe bats at one of VWT’s largest maternity roosts in Dorset. The video also includes footage filmed by Dr Liat Wicks. NGK (52184) RC-FDZ036 Spark Plug Wire Set was first shown on BBC2 in October 2020 and is available on iPlayer until September 2021.   You can also help the recovery of this species continue across the country through our Andersen Hitches 6in Rapid Hitch with 2 x 2-5/16in Greaseless Al.
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