PILOT"Elite 95s Deep Red" Extra Ranking TOP8 Fine nib : $62 PILOT"Elite 95s / Deep Red" [nib : Extra Fine] Office Products Office School Supplies $62 PILOT"Elite 95s / Deep Red" [nib : Extra Fine] Office Products Office School Supplies Deep,femalle.net,/hemiscotosis727660.html,$62,PILOT"Elite,Fine],:,/,Office Products , Office School Supplies,95s,Extra,[nib,Red" Deep,femalle.net,/hemiscotosis727660.html,$62,PILOT"Elite,Fine],:,/,Office Products , Office School Supplies,95s,Extra,[nib,Red" PILOT"Elite 95s Deep Red" Extra Ranking TOP8 Fine nib :


PILOT"Elite 95s / Deep Red" [nib : Extra Fine]


PILOT"Elite 95s / Deep Red" [nib : Extra Fine]

Product description

Size:Extra Fine

Magical word...
Elite - this name is a monument. Probably, the most famous one is "Elite S". In around 1970, "Elite S" became very popular with the TV commercial. "Happa Fumi Fumi"... this marvelous word is it. Of course, function based on the concept is wonderful. "Elite 95s" is inherited the gene.

Features - "make sense"
The most common feature is the length. Almost all, this series are short. The length is controllable - this thought is very reasonable. When you don't use, it is pocketable. For this purpose, this pen adapt "spigot joint" mechanism. Not need to turn, also not sound. And the shape is excellent. Especially the streamline shape of nib is very cool. This beautiful streamline - it's like the future vehicle. This deep red and silver gold is very sophisticated. Like the rose of versailles. The letter produced this pen is also sophisticated. The letter express writer's emotion...

14K, streamline. Streamline shape is very beautiful. Of course, there is not only beauty but also usefulness. The moderate hardness can endure long time writing. And moderate softness tell characteristic repulsion. Good balance.
Converter is sold separately. Suitable is "CON-20 " / products of PILOT.

PILOT"Elite 95s / Deep Red" [nib : Extra Fine]

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