Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Popular popular Head Tuners Machine Keys $6 Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Keys Machine Head Tuners Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Popular popular Head Tuners Machine Keys Keys,femalle.net,String,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$6,Head,Tuning,Guitar,Jiayouy,/hemiscotosis728560.html,Machine,Classical,Tuners $6 Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Keys Machine Head Tuners Musical Instruments Instrument Accessories Keys,femalle.net,String,Musical Instruments , Instrument Accessories,$6,Head,Tuning,Guitar,Jiayouy,/hemiscotosis728560.html,Machine,Classical,Tuners

Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Popular popular Head Tuners Machine Keys Trust

Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Keys Machine Head Tuners


Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Keys Machine Head Tuners

Product description

Made of solid metal, heavy duty internal gear, durable, anti-rust to use. 3 Machine head in a line, 2 pieces tuning keys, one is for left, the other one is for right.Ideal to replace your old and dirty tuning pegs and great for guitar tuning. Suitable for classical guitars.

Color: as picture show
Material: Metal, Acrylic, ABS plastic
Installation diameter 4mm
Ratio 1:15 Geared
Location: 3L/3R
Total length: 115mm/4.35"
Holes spacing: 35mm/1.4"
String spacing: 40mm/1.6"

Package Included:
3 x Right Guitar machine heads
3 x Left Guitar machine heads
10 x Screws

Jiayouy Classical Guitar String Tuning Keys Machine Head Tuners

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