Instagram Fashion Trends that in Reality are not the Most Practical

Very often when we need fashion inspiration we open the Instagram. There we can find fashion bloggers and various combinations for all occasions.

And when we see it all folded into a great photo, it looks as if it’s simple and easy.


But in fact, in order to get closer and get closer to the look that we have imagined, we need to adjust a bit more.


These are some situations that show how different our expectations are and how many trends sometimes do not fit into reality:


Who said that your shoes should be comfortable?

When you want to keep up with fashion

Beautiful picture, but there is one small problem …

It looks like they need to think of a new way of dressing

Stylish darkening of the skin

The most important thing is that the photo on the beach will turn out well, and the consequences …

Ah those artificial lashes

Another 6 trends on the next page …

When you watch tutorials about “smokey eyes”

When you copy the make-up artist from Instagram bloggers

The end result when you lacquer your nails yourself

A little contouring and everything will be great

The thick eyebrows are in vogue

Morning photo


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