$5 uxcell 12mm Metric L Shaped Angled Open Hex 6 Point Socket Wrenc Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $5 uxcell 12mm Metric L Shaped Angled Open Hex 6 Point Socket Wrenc Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools uxcell 12mm Metric Award-winning store L Shaped Angled Socket Point Open 6 Hex Wrenc L,/languages-4133094,Angled,Point,Shaped,Metric,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,uxcell,Socket,6,12mm,femalle.net,Wrenc,Open,Hex,$5 uxcell 12mm Metric Award-winning store L Shaped Angled Socket Point Open 6 Hex Wrenc L,/languages-4133094,Angled,Point,Shaped,Metric,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,uxcell,Socket,6,12mm,femalle.net,Wrenc,Open,Hex,$5

uxcell 12mm Surprise price Metric Award-winning store L Shaped Angled Socket Point Open 6 Hex Wrenc

uxcell 12mm Metric L Shaped Angled Open Hex 6 Point Socket Wrenc


uxcell 12mm Metric L Shaped Angled Open Hex 6 Point Socket Wrenc

Product description


1.QUALITY HIGH CARBON STEEL: Made of high carbon steel for good abrasion resistance.
2.DURABLE FINISH: Zinc Plated for long lasting protection and resist corrosion.
3.DOUBLE END: Give you multiple options for working around obstructions or in tight spaces.
4.ANGLED THROUGH HOLE END: Designed to accommodate long threads or a bar for additional torque without affecting tool strength.
5.Widely Use: Applied in DIY hand-making, household maintenance, and most general repairs.

Product Name: Angled Socket Wrench
Package Content: 1 x Angled Socket Wrench
Material: High Carbon Steel
Finish: Zinc Plated
Color: Silver Tone
Weight: 117g
Total Size: 128 x 34.5 x 18.2mm / 5.04-inch x 1.36-inch x 0.72-inch (L*W*D)
Hex Socket Size: 12mm

uxcell 12mm Metric L Shaped Angled Open Hex 6 Point Socket Wrenc

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