Pumping Serious Weights While Pregnant: One New Mom’s Fitness Story After Sparking an International Controversy

In terms of diet, focus on eating quality seasonal, local foods over cutting calories.

ANNA: How do you see the fitness industry changing? How are you adapting?

BREEZE: There are so many options and avenues for fitness today! It’s so accessible with online workout ideas. People can get moving at home, on the go, in a class setting, and really anywhere. As a trainer, I have to be able to mix it up and inspire and motivate people using all platforms: social media, internet, in person one-on-one, and classes!

ANNA: Any favorite fitness products, healthy snacks, equipment, playlists, etc you want to share?

BREEZE: My favorite piece of gym equipment is the sled! Favorite products right now would include Track & Field clothes and DROP bottle water bottle! For music, anything hip hop is my go-to playlist! For healthy snacks, I love green smoothies and peanut butter with apples or a banana.

ANNA: So many people’s resolutions for the new year involve weight loss, better nutrition, or new exercise programs… You already have your fitness routine locked… What are you hoping 2017 has in store for you?

BREEZE: In 2017, I look forward to growing my online audience and reaching even more people around the world. I’m excited to continue inspiring people to move every day and lead healthy lives.

In my personal sphere, I plan to spend lots of quality time with my family and enjoy every milestone with my new son Bly. I’d also love to get pregnant again and add another baby to our growing family! This year, I’m going to continue dedicating time for myself each day amidst the craziness!

ANNA: Any new programs you want to tell my subscribers about?

BREEZE:Yes! My website, emily-breeze.com, has lots of ebook programs to check out! We something for everyone, from Bodyweight Bootcamp, to Stroll Fit, to Body Renovation. These are all great options because you can download them and take them on the go with you! Workouts, meal planning tips, goal planners, you’ll have it all at your fingertips!


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