Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3 Super popular specialty store 8" Plastazot 4" PPT 1 Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3 Super popular specialty store 8" Plastazot 4" PPT 1 $40 Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3/8" (1/8" PPT 1/4" Plastazot Health Household Health Care Biomechanics,/roasted-red-pepper-dip/,Plastazot,DIAB-A-Sheet,Langer,,1/4",PPT,Health Household , Health Care,3/8",$40,(1/8" $40 Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3/8" (1/8" PPT 1/4" Plastazot Health Household Health Care Biomechanics,/roasted-red-pepper-dip/,Plastazot,DIAB-A-Sheet,Langer,,1/4",PPT,Health Household , Health Care,3/8",$40,(1/8"

Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3 Super popular specialty store 8

Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3/8" (1/8" PPT 1/4" Plastazot


Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3/8" (1/8" PPT 1/4" Plastazot

Product description

A combination of Plastazote on one side, which reduces shear and distributes forces more evenly, and PPT on the reverse side for shock absorption and cushioning.

Langer Biomechanics DIAB-A-Sheet 3/8" (1/8" PPT 1/4" Plastazot

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