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Bjork Women's Aldi Floral Wooden Clogs


Bjork Women's Aldi Floral Wooden Clogs

Product description

The Aldi Wooden Clog sticks to its roots by encompassing the classic BJORK Swedish clog that we know today. Genuine leather upper with fun black and white floral print and classic wood outsole make this clog a Swedish original classic.

  • Hand-Made in Europe
  • Printed Leather
  • Genuine Wood Outsole with PU tread
  • FussForm* shaped outsole that follows the natural contours of your toes. More room for your toes to wiggle
  • Heel measures approximately 2"
  • Platform measures approximaely 0.75"

*Fussform outsole provides a more relaxed and natural fit. It is a wider fit than the traditional rounded toe clogs. Some people with narrower feet or that like the snug feel around the toes should consider going down half a size.

Bjork Women's Aldi Floral Wooden Clogs

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