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25% OFF Custom Men Youth Basketball Jerseys Printed Perf Spring new work one after another Reversible Mesh

Custom Men Youth Basketball Jerseys Printed Reversible Mesh Perf


Custom Men Youth Basketball Jerseys Printed Reversible Mesh Perf

Product description

About US:
These are very High Quality Basketball Jerseys. Features fully reversible basketball jersey made of two layers of 100% polyester moisture wicking knit. Each layer is hemmed separately for easy decoration access.
Product specifications:
Material: 100% polyester
Color: any color
Features: breathable, quick-drying
Available US sizes: Men's size XS--6XL, Children's size 110cm, 120cm, 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, 160cm.
Sleeve: Sleeveless
What You Will Get:1 jersey
How To Customize:
-it is very easy, after you paid, send us message throught amazon, tell us what you want to print, if you want to print logos, also dont forget to send us AI or CDR file.our design team will reply you in 12hours with your disign picture, if you want some exchange, just free to contact us, we will edit the design picture until you think if perfect match your idea.
Bulk Order Discount:
-if you want to order at least 5 sets, contact us first, since we have discount for you.
A.Standard Orders:
Order preparing time: 7 working days.
Delivery time amp; shipping method: 5 working days delivered via USPS First Class Mail.
B.Urgent amp; Large orders (4+ items in one order ):
Order preparing time: 5 working days.
Delivery time amp; shipping method: Free Factory-Direct VIP Service
3 working days via DHL Express directly from China factory.
Refund Policy:
Please understand that this is a custom product and therefore cannot be returned/replaced. However, if the product you received is defective, please feel free to contact us and we will respond within 24 hours.

Custom Men Youth Basketball Jerseys Printed Reversible Mesh Perf

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