$8 Star Wars Darth Vader ID Lanyard Badge Holder with 1.5" Rubber C Office Products Office School Supplies $8 Star Wars Darth Vader ID Lanyard Badge Holder with 1.5" Rubber C Office Products Office School Supplies 1.5",Vader,Darth,Wars,/us/ncaa-football,$8,ID,with,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Rubber,Badge,femalle.net,Star,Lanyard,C,Holder Star Wars Darth Vader ID Max 46% OFF Lanyard with Holder Badge C Rubber 1.5" 1.5",Vader,Darth,Wars,/us/ncaa-football,$8,ID,with,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Rubber,Badge,femalle.net,Star,Lanyard,C,Holder Star Wars Darth Vader ID Max 46% OFF Lanyard with Holder Badge C Rubber 1.5"

Star Wars Darth Vader ID Max 46% OFF Lanyard with Holder Now free shipping Badge C Rubber 1.5

Star Wars Darth Vader ID Lanyard Badge Holder with 1.5" Rubber C


Star Wars Darth Vader ID Lanyard Badge Holder with 1.5" Rubber C

Product description

Disney Star Wars is back! This double-sided lanyard features Darth Vader. It has a classic lobster clasp to hold your badges, ID's or even to hook your keychain as a key lanyard. A plastic clasp 3 inches up allows for quick disconnecting and it also features a breakaway clasp at the neck. Attached is a 1.5" rubber Darth Vader helmet pendant.

Star Wars Darth Vader ID Lanyard Badge Holder with 1.5" Rubber C

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

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