Hair,Tape,40,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/well-read/,Gram,,In,,Inch,Extensions,18,Balayage,$28,RINBOOOL,Ombre Hair,Tape,40,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,/well-read/,Gram,,In,,Inch,Extensions,18,Balayage,$28,RINBOOOL,Ombre $28 RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions,18 Inch 40 Gram, Beauty Personal Care Hair Care $28 RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions,18 Inch 40 Gram, Beauty Personal Care Hair Care RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Direct store 40 Gram 18 Inch RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Direct store 40 Gram 18 Inch

Brand new RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions Direct store 40 Gram 18 Inch

RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions,18 Inch 40 Gram,


RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions,18 Inch 40 Gram,


Product Description

Rinboool 18’’ 40g 20pcs/pack Balayage Tape in Hair Extensions.

Our Goal is Create a Secure and Comfortable Ombre Tape in Hair Extensions while Worn by the Guest and Stylist.

Hair Length--Finished On 18 Inch.

Hair Weight--40g/20pcs per pack, 2g per piece.

Texture--Silky Straight.

Hair Extensions Tape--Length 4cm*Width 0.8cm.

Color--Black Fading To Teal Green Mixed Black.

RINBOOOL Ombre Balayage Tape In Hair Extensions,18 Inch 40 Gram,

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