Women Try The Ta-Ta Towel Here’s why!

Sweat and chafing under the boobs are common problems for women. It is brutal for big boobs or heavy breasted women. You may need to wipe all the sweat from your boobs after returning to home from work. However, this problem can be fixed by wearing a towel bra. You may take this as a breast hammock, lol. Most of the women are suffering from sweat in summer. Apart from that they also suffer without air conditioning.

Here’s what makes him special a breast hammock for Women special

If you have sensitive nipples, then you should try the ultra-soft bra. However, it may not absorb excess breast milk because of the non-absorbent material. When it comes to towel bras or breast hammock, you can gather a whole new experience with boobs.

It is very comfortable that is why it is special. There will be no smell or odour under boobs because of no sweat. In the case of curvy ladies and big-breasted ladies sweat is a problem.  You should adopt the idea of Erin Robertson.

How to wear a boobs hammock bra

It is very simple to wear a towel bra because there are cups for each breast. You have to put your boobs into the same and tighten the latch on your back-neck.

The weight of the boobs will be transferred to your neck that is why you can feel free. It is very simple to wear the bra, you have to follow the instructions, or you can watch some videos. The bra will keep your boobs in the position. You can roam around your home without any worries.

If you are looking for a comfortable bra, then you should try the towel bra. It can be attached with a tight strap around your back, which is comfortable. The best part is that it is very simple to wear without any problem. If you are in a hurry, then it is the best option for you. It can remove sweat from your boobs. Nowadays you don’t have to worry about the air-conditioning system.

How does the towel bra work

It is quite hard to stop the tsunami of sweat under breasts. Towel bra is made of soft material that is why it can give you comfort and support. It is a towel in nature you cannot notice any tightness in your boobs.

The best part is that your boobs will not drip down to your stomach. You can wear it with tops and other conventional dress without any problem. However, there is no alternative to this bra.

Here’s Where can I wear my Tata towel bra to

I wear the towel bra on boobs. I use the string to attach the bra tightly. The best part is that it will hold my big boobs without any problem. In early days there are many prototypes for Ta-Ta bra. It has changed my thoughts about bras. I can adjust the cosiness of the bra without any problem. The best part is that I can sleep without any problem.


There are more than one benefits of the Ta-Ta bra. It was a wonderful surprise to my boobs. They can keep my boobs comfortable as well as sweat free all the time. The best part is that there is no need of air-conditioning for that. There will be no rashes under boobs so any more irritation. The rashes will disappear without any external medicines. My breasts remain dry even in summer. It was quite surprising to see such benefits by change the conventional bra.

Apart from that, it is good for pregnant and breast feeders. The towel that is why it is a boob saver will absorb excess breast milk. There are many positive responses from the users.

How good is the towel bra for a pregnant woman?

Most of the breastfeeding mothers are tired of opening and closing bra frequently. In the case of Ta-Ta towel, there is no need to remove bra frequently. You can loosen the strap and feed your baby that is why mothers are happy with this. It can hold heavy boobs without any problem because there is an adjustable boob holder. Apart from that it also protects your breasts from sweat. You may use this to control leakage.

I can wear the Ta-Ta towel in my house when I don’t want to wear the tight bras. It is better than any alternative of the bras including sports bras and camisoles. When you are wet you can wear the Ta-Ta; it will absorb the water from your boobs. It is very comfortable so you may not like to take it off. Your boobs will love the bra so you can wear it all day.

Erin Robertson has started selling the invention after getting a positive response from the people.

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